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We love to work with new vertical but we’ve previously been doing work in these fields;

1. Creative Industries & Entertainment: (Artists) (Video Games / Movies / Musicians)

2. Hospitality & Travel: (Airbnb / Hostels / Real Estate)

3. Specialized Markets & Communities: (Dispensaries) (LGBTQ Allies ) (Outdoor / Extreme Sports Enthusiasts) (Gaming & Geek )

4. Business Solutions & Branding: (Those Who Want to Stand Out in a Square Domain) (DIY Branding Warriors) ( Agencies Wanting to Stay Nimble)

5. Web Presence Enhancement & Quality Conscious Clients: (Frustrated by Big Agencies Moving Projects Around) (Disappointed by Fiverr Quality) (People Dealing with Website Nightmares) (Those Needing a Professional Edge) (Quality at a Reasonable Price Seekers)

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