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Last Updated on June 18 2024 | Written by Marc Lefebvre

So, who are you?

A Happy Walking Contradiction

My life is brimming with contradictions, here’s a few for fun;

  • An artistic philosophy nerd

  • An outgoing introvert

  • An UI/UX Coder 

  • An authentic marketer

  • A pro ethical business owner

In a world that loves symbolism (Hello Zizek!) , there’s not a lot of actual Monday to Friday, I lead DIFFERENT, my consulting and marketing studio aimed at growing and creating value for valuable projects and people.

My weekend? 100% art; Le Mal, my art career as a post-modernism illustrator/painter.

For the past 20 years, my professional focuses are:

Creativity & Innovations
Marketing & Sales Support
Ethical Business

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Whether you are a startup or a large enterprise, Marc offers a suite of services designed to make your brand stand out and thrive:


Comprehensive brand development, from logo design to complete visual identity.

Digital Marketing

Strategy and execution for social media, content creation and ad campaigns.

Website growth

Tailored, high-performing beautiful websites that engage and convert your target audience.

Fractional CCO

Support to your team in business growth, marketing and digital transformation & optimisation.


  • A Digital Jack of All Trades passionate about creativity, innovation, and digital marketing.
  • Unique Background: Built first website at 12, excelled in art, history, computer science, and English lit.
  • Professional Growth: From front-end development to senior art director and aspiring creative director.
  • Entrepreneurial Success: Running own business for 2+ years.
  • Personal Interests: Art, travel, and combining creativity with experience to create value.

Our driving principles

Find the need before the deed
Accept, adapt & APPRECIATE

Embrace Contradictions
Challenge and imPROVE
Allow time for growth
Quality over Quantity
learn from mistakes
Patience & Process
Work smarter
avoid rushiNG

follow the whatifs & Whynots

Marc's story

Origins and Early Influences

Hailing from Quebec, Marc’s unique blend of blue-collar grit and white-collar finesse comes from his hardworking parents — a pipe-fitter and a bank-teller. From a young age, Marc displayed a passion for creativity and technology.

His first day of school was spent building legos and drawing, hinting at a future where imagination and precision would go hand in hand. At 13, he built a website in a local library, foreshadowing his eventual path in digital media.

High school was a time of exploration and skill-building.

Marc spent his lunch breaks engaged in three main activities: art, web design in the school library, and watching historical movies in history class.Despite struggling academically early on, his talents in history, art, technology, and English were undeniable, earning him top grades (CT) in these four subjects.

The College Years and Early Career

In CEGEP, his overflowing creativity was already a defining trait, as evidenced by his entry project on rubber bands which secured his entry into the very competitive digital media program.

He then honed his skills through his internship in TV production and digital design, while also gaining practical experience in various service roles, from grocery stores clerck to renovation centers expert.

Breakthrough with AskMen

Marc’s big break came with a three-month contract at AskMen.com, where his talent was noticed and he quickly became the go-to front-end website expert. Despite initially struggling with Flash in college, he went on to master Flash and write intricate code programs for Rich-Media Creatives. Over the next 10 years, his team created over 1,000 websites and 5,000 creatives for major brands like Starbucks, Harley Davidson, Ubisoft, Heineken, Porsche, Macy’s…

This period was marked by rapid learning, adaptability, and resilience as part of a small but mighty team navigating the post-dot-com bubble era.

Freelancing and Growth

Marc’s transition to freelancing was marked by both triumphs and challenges. His first significant client turned out to be difficult, teaching him invaluable lessons about resilience and business acumen. Over the years, Marc built a robust network in the digital marketing field, continuously evolving and expanding his skill set.

Marc Post-Covid

With the onset of COVID and a new chapter in Lorraine, Marc evolved into an Art Director and CRO, focusing on enhancing website and campaign performance for various enterprises.

His role as a Marketing Director & Creative Director further expanded his expertise, involving team direction, set control during shoots, and strategic decision-making. Marc’s portfolio now boasts a diverse array of successful projects, reflecting his holistic approach to creativity and business strategy.

The Next Steps

And stay tuned for the next episodes… I’ll let you know as soon as I do myself as well 😉



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